Scooby Doo EDA

Stream-of-consciousness exploration and modeling

Robustly Create Parameterized Reports

Wrapping functions to safeguard against errors

It's-a Me, Linear Regression!

Using feature engineering and linear regression to predict Mario Kart world records

Publishing Rmarkdown to Google Sites

A workaround for people in organizations that use Google Sites

This Code is Big Time

Wrap your R code in Your Mom's House audio drops

Personalizing the Distill Template

How to modify the distill template to fit your preferences.

Improving ggplots with Text Color

A walkthrough of how -- and when -- to replace your legend with colored text

Dungeons and Dragons - Part 4

Predicting monster challenge ratings & examining regression diagnostics.

Dungeons and Dragons - Part 3

Grouping D&D monsters using latent profile analysis.

Dungeons and Dragons - Part 2

Exploring monster stats in D&D 5e

Dungeons and Dragons - Part 1

Wrangling JSON data from an API.

Predicting Mobile Phone Subscription Growth

Using splines and iteration via map() to fit and interrogate models.

Rstudio Table Contest Submission

And impressions of the {gt} package.

Simulating Triangles?

Determining whether random numbers can form a triangle using simulation.

Your Mom's House Analysis

An exploratory analysis of transcripts from the YMH podcast.

Chopped Episode Simulator

Simple app to simulate an episode of Chopped."

Scrantonicity - Part 3

Predicting the speaker of dialogue from The Office.

Intro to {rvest}

Using {rvest} to find child care in Virginia.

Unconsciousness in the Xmen

Practicing poisson regression using Xmen data.

Exploring Emily Oster's COVID Data

Examining child care survey data from Emily Oster

Pulling YouTube Transcripts

Example of pulling transcripts for an entire YouTube playlist.

Writing Window Functions

Examples and tutorial of writing rolling aggregate functions.

RVA Pets

Analyzing pet ownership in RVA

Scrantonicity - Part 2

K means clustering using The Office dialogue

Riddler Express - March 20, 2020

Solving a math puzzle and exploring the accumulate() function.

Scrantonicity - Part 1

An initial exploration of dialogue from The Office

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