Rstudio Table Contest Submission

And impressions of the {gt} package.


is is going to be a pretty short post. After seeing the Rstudio Table Contest announced a few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to submit something to give myself more of a reason to practice with the {gt} package. I (somewhat arbitrarily) chose to use some longitudinal Broadway data posted earlier in the year as part of #TidyTuesday that I thought would lend itself well to a table.

Anyway, below is my submission to the contest, and below that are some initial impressions of the {gt} package (tl;dr – it’s pretty awesome).


Top Earning Broadway Shows
through 2019
Rank Show Premiere Year Total Earnings Avg Theater
Capacity Filled
Tickets Sold Per Year
Average 1987 - 2019
1 The Lion King 1997 $1.66B 97.7% 676,795
2 Wicked 2003 $1.35B 97.2% 708,412
3 The Phantom of the Opera 1988 $1.24B 89.8% 600,508
4 Chicago 1996 $673.91M 82.7% 392,534
5 The Book of Mormon 2011 $647.07M 102.4% 445,435
6 Mamma Mia! 2001 $624.39M 89.7% 504,408
7 Hamilton 2015 $620.60M 101.7% 498,052
8 Jersey Boys 2005 $557.51M 89.5% 395,571
9 Les Miserables 1987 $548.80M 88.5% 353,014
10 Aladdin 2014 $447.72M 98.0% 686,539
Data: Playbill | Table: Eric Ekholm (@ekholm_e)


Right, so, my overall impression of {gt} is that it’s an amazing package for building stylized static tables that fills a gap in R’s table ecosystem (to the extent that’s a thing). In my day job, I often find myself having to build tables either 1) as part of documents I’m creating on my own or 2) as stand-alone pieces that end up getting dropped into Powerpoints other people are putting together, and I’m excited about incorporating {gt} into my workflow for both of those types of tasks. Some more specific impressions of {gt}:

Overall, {gt} is a really awesome package – huge thanks to the team at Rstudio for putting it together and maintaining it!


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